Top Ten Favorite Tropes!

As it's undoubtedly apparent by my last post, I wholeheartedly love writing and reading. They have consumed my entire life. Another portion of which I decide to let consume my life is by watching shows and movies.  If you're familiar with any of these mediums than you've been exposed to a plethora of tropes. Some that you might love... or hate... or love to hate or hate to love and some you'd wish would just cast themselves into a pit of hellfire.
          In the spirit of that, I'm going to jump right into my Top Ten Favorite Tropes (as of 2018).

10.   An Aesop: Learn your lesson ya idiot!
We all need an afternoon special in our lives at one point. Whether that be from Treat Others the Way You Want To Be Treated to Look Before You Leap. All of them are important. I loved and needed them as a young child and to an extent a teen. Even though as cheesy as those afternoon specials were we needed them to learn and work through feelings or beliefs we haven't had to deal with before or understand them. This is the motif of all writing, and thus I have to give a shout out. You gotta have a heart to a story or you have nothing.
·   Many sitcoms from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s were based on this premise and shaped entire series off of it. 
·   In lew of that in modern era just about every episode of My Name is Earl, Scrubs, and Full House.
·   Dorothy’s in Wizard of Oz: “There’s no place like home!”

9.  Animal Sidekick: Aka why does this fluff ball keep following me?
I love animals. 100%. That’s all you need to know. The more I can see, read, or think about them the better and happier my life is.
·         Star Wars: Chewbacca (Animal Alien? So kinda), R2-D2 and C-3PO and now BB-8 (all Non-human so kinda count).
·         Jasmine and Raja: Not my all-time favorite Disney princess but my all-time favorite animal-sidekick. I MEAN SHE HAS A PET TIGER. EVERYONE ELSE CAN GO HOME! LOOK AT HIS FLUFF!
The Coolest Kids In Town

8. A Darker Me: The person you are if you weren’t cautious, inhibited, and boring. Aka maybe dreams you that turns into a nightmare because Plot.
My reasonings go hand in hand with #7.

·          Slim Shady: This is Marshall Matters Comedic Sociopath personality that comes out in his music. And I think this is the very definition of A Darker Me turning into a nightmare that just won't end.
·        The Nostalgia Critic: I don’t know him personally but I can assume from the videos he puts out as Doug Walker show that the Nostalgia Critic is his Darker Me. Though this version, unlike Slim Shady, is somewhat more on the scale of Chaotic Good than Chaotic Evil but just as entertaining.
·         The Matrix: This is literally the premise. I mean look at him he’s got a long coat and sunglasses he’s a BADASS now!
I Inspired A Generation of Badasses

7. Arranged Marriages: Someone else is going to choose your spouse for you.
This trope will never not capture my attention. Arranged Marriages are such an interesting angle to come from. At some point our own ancestors, whether they’re as closely related as our parents or grandparents or they’re way in our past, they’re a part of our history. The fact that in literature and film you can go down the route of Love at First Sight with the couple, to being distant, to growing attachments, to slowing growing to love them, or anywhere! It’s the fact that two characters are forced to be intimate and share a house, property, themselves, and their families with one another that really intrigues me. Having to try to find freedom and keep your free will in a situation that demands you give them up is so fascinating.

·         Tamaki and Éclair Tonerre in Ouran High School Host Club.
·         The couple Sir Lancelot ends up murdering all their wedding guest in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, not my classic part of this trope but still such a great scene from an awesome movie.
·         Buttercup’s arrangement to Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride. Another great movie, horrible couple.
·         Princess Vespa of Druidia and Prince Valium for Spaceballs
·         All and every Bollywood movie thank GOD!
·         Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn Tully are my favorite Arranged Marriage of A Song of Ice and Fire. The books are riddled with Arranged Marriages and make up a lot of why the plot actually happens.
·         Evrek and Elana from Enchantress from the Stars
·         Anetka and Stanley from A Coal Miner’s Bride: The Diary of Anetka Kaminska, Lattimer, Pennsylvania, 1896. This is one of my all-time favorite books and I recommend it to everyone. The premise has stayed in my head for the past 8 years even though I haven’t read it for that long. 
My Heart Has Never Been The Same

6. Marriage Before Romance: Whether through an arranged marriage, accidental marriage, Marriage of Convenience, Citizenship Marriage, or Mail-Order Bride the couple’s been married for non-romantic reasons until they start to fall in love.
This trope and Arranged Marriage go hand in hand for me. I looooooove this trope till the cow comes home and end up falling in love with each other because of cow love. Mainly for the same reasons as Arranged Marriages but this one has a sweeter ending and often that Slow Burn or Will They or Won’t They? Which more often than not annoys the hell out of me, but if it’s done right, especially in this trope; Awwww now there’s a sweet spot!

·         King Fergus and Queen Elinor in Brave.  I want a whole story or miniseries on this couple, they’re just fun as a couple and individuals.
·         Pretty much Katniss and Peeta in The Hunger Games when they were forced into their engagement and pretty much all their interactions in the story since the 74th Hunger Games.
·        Joy and Earl from My Name is Earl. This show is so funny and ridiculous and so was these two’s marriage, but that’s part of the reason I loved it so much. There loud and awful to each other most of the time but they do somewhat like each other and that warms my heart even if they are terrible most of the time. 
·         Robert and Cora from Downton Abbey! How can you not adore these two? 
·         Ned and Cat from ASOIAF also fit this trope and are why I really love them!
No, I'm Not Looking At His Sword

5. Jekyll & Hyde: The villain is in plain sight, just inside you.
I often like to call this trope, What Makes a Man a Monster and What Makes a Monster a Man. This would be higher on the list if it weren’t for the ones at the top of the list being so dear to my heart. I love this trope so much as it’s so fun to read but also to write. It’s the ultimate puzzle to try and figure out. How we are our own villains at times and how sometimes those villains suppress our hero/sane side sometimes. I love how you can go whichever direction with it as well. There’s so much to explore and all the complex weavings within the psyche with this trope is just so much fun and forever fascinating.
·         Some can argue you that Slim Shady is a prime example of this but I don’t know Marshall personally so not say that’s the case as he’s real.
·         Two-face or Harvey Dent:  He’s pretty much Jekyll & Hyde at the same time all the time. Visual there’s an obvious connection and textually you see him struggle with what happened to him and what his life was before his disfigurement. How much was Two-face in Harvey and how much of Harvey is in Two-face
·         Bruce Banner: Literally the premise of his character is Jekyll & Hyde. I mean he’s a doctor who turns into an angry monster <.<
·         Sméagol and Gollum
·          Claud Frollo:  Who doesn’t want to just punch this man into a pit of hellfire? Still, between him and Quasimodo this dynamic play’s out and it's one of the better What Makes the Man a Monster and What Makes the Monster and a Man examples.
·        Dexter: Dexter’s entire arc.
Surprised that there are a lot of men on this list…. Hmmmm… Interesting….. I’d like to see more women struggle with this. Just everyone honestly, it’s such a great trope.

4. Earn Your Happy Ending: Characters go through probably and sometimes literally hell through, hardships, anguish, and grief that might seem unnecessary at times but in the end, they all get their happily ever after!
This is on here because I hate the opposite of this trope. The they-didn’t-do-anything-to-get-their-happy-ending-so-kinda-a-bland-story-whoop-whoop!I wasted my time whoo-whoop. No reader, watcher, listener, or writer wants to feel like their time's been wasted so this trope, although extreme at times does make you feel well hot-diggity no one can say I didn’t earn this here ending!

·        The American Dream: Lol This is probably why I like seeing this trope in art as it’s been drilled into me since conception. And the idea is wholly romantic and rewarding but there’s always a darker
·         Star Wars: I think every one of the movies has this pattern and is probably why it speaks to so many people.
·         Harry Potter: Literally dies to get his happy ending but not just his everyone else's that was there and fighting the war against Voldemort.
·         Les Misérables: I mean it says what it is in the title. But in the end everyone’s dead but of those that didn’t, they get to live together and in love. Yay, all our friends and that creepy guy obsessed with names and numbers killed himself and that guy who did it all for a loaf of bread is dead too!
·         Hunger Games: All three books are about this trope to a degree. Though it ends more bittersweet than anything else.
·         Disney & Pixar: Pretty much all their films follow this trope as it goes hand in hand often with the Hero’s Journey.
·         Hercules: My man Herc goes through Hades and back. Kinda. Sorta. He’s on Mount Olympus and he’s also in Hades and Elysian Fields with other heroes. So, yay? Better than his life on earth.
God, I wish I was Cerebus

3. Beauty and the Beast: I feel this is self-explanatory, but I digress; Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.
Who doesn’t love a good ol’ Beauty and the Beast retelling? Honestly, I love this trope to death and back. Hey if Hercule’s can split his soul so can I! Anyways Beauty and the Beast is a good moral that I think a lot of people need to remember especially when on the internet. Just because Tiffany’s got a nice ass does not mean she won’t act like one to you. And visa versa. Not that Tiffany needs to be nice to you she doesn’t even know you this is the internet, Jim what were you expecting?
·         Beast and Belle: We wouldn’t have the trope without them after all. NO matter which version you like the most.
·         Sansa Stark and Sandor Clegane & Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth: Both “couples” as you will are from A Song of Ice and Fire. Sansa or Sandor aka SanSan are pretty much the straightforward retelling of this old trope and I can’t wait for them to meet again in the books and see how they interact with each other. Jaime and Brienne are a bit of an in-reversal of the trope whereas the man is the outer beauty while still being a beast and that the woman is outwardly ugly but beautiful inside. Again can’t wait to see these two in the books and where their journey is gonna take them.

2.  Bittersweet Ending: Where evil is gone and all my friends are dead but I’m alive and married with three kids soooo yay?
I like to cry. More than that I like to feel the journey was worth something. That there was or were many things lost but it’s okay in the end to a degree. This is one of the most relatable tropes because I feel like this is life. There will be people you lose whether that’s to death or loss of friendship or love and these works of art show maybe that’s for the best or that is life and we as humans will always make the best of that.
·         All Dogs Go to Heaven: This part always made me cry right along with Anne-Marie and Charlie you will be missed you beautiful baby puppers.🐶❤
·         Corpse Bride: I think this is one of the most beautiful Bittersweet Endings because of the way Emily goes into the night is really lovely and I’m happy they decided to end the film that way.
·         The Fox and the Hound: Just thinking of this movie I’m not over it. I haven’t watched it in forever and I’m not over it, I’m not ready. Uh huh. I can’t sorry.
·         Again Hunger Games: The entire series is a big ol’ bittersweet ending although it doesn’t quite do it for me as the other and I might go into that in another video about the books so stay tuned.
·         Lord of the Rings: Is the most notorious on this list. Everything is right, right? Minas Tirith is saved! Aragorn’s king! But Boromir’s still dead. The Ring is destroyed! But the Shire’s ruined, Sméagol lost his life, Bilbo and Frodo are crumbling like paper and are going to the West never to see his Sam again! God why do I like this Trilogy?! This is painful!
·         Captain America: The First Avenger: Ugh! Peggy and Steve. Steve and Peggy….That final conversation before he hits the ice. Talk about a heartbreaker and a what-might’ve been moment!

1. Unresolved Sexual Tension: ~singing~ Come on Skinny LOOOOOOVEeee  When you wanna bang or cuddle another and they feel the same way but for some reason you’re not doing either of those things.
Such an overused trope but when it’s done right, it is done RIGHT! UST can be very hard to pull off though and few can do this without annoying their audience to the nth degree. I am a hardcore sucker for this but at the same time am very wary because of how much it is overused in media.
·         Steve and Penny from Captain America: ~sighs~ these two…... Why do you want to make me cry?
·         In the movies The Princess Diaries:  Talk about fanfiction! Anyways they're just so sweet and so cute! And Theirs finally does become resolved in the sequel so an actual yay from me!
·         Again Sansa and Sandor and Jaime and Brienne: Didn’t realize before how much this trope and Beauty and the Beast intertwin but just thinking about it makes sense. There are many reasons why these BATB couple’s keep coming together for a reason. Though this might be a bit odd since Sansa’s only 12-14 while Sandor is about 26ish sooo there’s that.
·         Bones and Booth: This is the majority of their relationship until they finally get married. I, again, love them together.
·         Niles and Daphne from Frasier:  Theirs was a painful and cruelly as Bones and Booth, but they were the OG’s here. They had four seasons where they were together but it seemed to take five thousand years. I know a lot of people are iffy on if their relationship paid off, I’m curious if you’ve seen the show if you think it did or was it a little too late?
·         Pam and Jim:  The only couple that always makes my heart filled with glee and love and serenity every time I think about them.
Name A Better Love Story, I'll Wait... And Wait... And Wait

       So those are my top ten favorite tropes; what are yours? Leave a comment down below and let me know!
       Until Next Time,


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