A Funny Thing Happened At The Rummage Sale...

June 27, 2018
          If you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram you know that last Saturday (June 16, 2018)  my mother brought home a 5-week old kitten.
Juna's 1st photoshoot :3
           You're probably thinking, "Wait a minute, Carly, don't you already have 3 fully grown cats at home?"
            Why, yes stranger reading this, I do. And yes, I do have 4 cats now...
      Help me.
            Semi-jokes aside, she is absolutely adorable and I fell in love with her right away. I've never had a cat or any animal this young before so I'm extremely and constantly worried over her. As well as I should be. My other cats think she's a cat-smelling hamster and would rather like to have her as a snack. Which I'm not about to have happened. I already lost a gerbil that way before I'm not losing my first kitten that way!
She's such a snuggler!

           So the story goes... 
           Since about 1998 my mom and brothers have been involved in the local Boy Scout troop, both of my brothers earning their Eagles along the way. However, they haven't been in the troop since 2013 but my mother has stayed around to help and has even ventured into being apart of the Venture Crew. So around mid-June of every year, the Boy Scouts and Venture Crew hold an annual rummage sale and car wash at the local grocery store. This year they were able to use the lawn of one of the largest (and recently abandoned) buildings in town.
           Being the pre-teen/teens that they are, the troop has to explore the house. In doing so one of the boy's finds a litter of kittens on one of the top floors before promptly falling through the floor. (He's okay btw just scratched up his arms).             
           There were possibly six kittens in total though they never could find the sixth. My future kitten was one of two black ones, which one of the boy's had called her brother Black Panther and her Batgirl. (Both very appropriate if you ask me).
Can't believe I'm spending my 20s
having photoshoots with my cats

         My mom was very tempted to bring back both of the black cats. To explain, all our other cats are black as well, it's kinda our thing now. I don't know, we didn't mean for it to happen but now here we are, with four black cats all.
         One of the mother's of the Boy Scouts is a veterinarian so later in the day they brought the kittens to her clinic to have them sexed and dewormed. Afterward, my mom brings home only the girl because we have one male cat here (Mace) and we don't want to test the waters by bringing in another male. There might be an alpha vs. beta thing that I don't want to see either side lose. Taking the girl was a safe bet. (Maybe).
         Then she brings home this Batgirl and I immediately fall in love. You can watch that in full here!
Please, help me!

         We ended up calling her Juna Marie. Juna after the goddess Juno as we named my other cat Ceres after, of course, the Roman goddess Ceres. We have a thing going on here too. Then Marie after Marie from the Aristocats. She's the feisty little sister of the pride now, it's only fitting.
         This first week has been very exhausting for everyone as we all try to figure out a new routine and adjust to having a baby in the house. Especially me, seeing as I work from home so now I'm 100% a catsitter 24/7.  It's a miracle I've gotten out all the videos I have AND have written anything. I swear! Who knew kittens demanded so much time. It's alright though, she's growing older every day,which hopefully means growing bigger as well!
          If anyone is interested I'll keep a Juna update every so often to check up on her!


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