Five FREE Editing Websites!

As a writer, it's extremely difficult trying to edit your own writing. If you're at all like me you like to have a near to perfect draft before you have a beta reader, agent, editor, or even *gasp* loved one read your work. Since 2014 I've searched far and wide for helpful writing tools across the internet and today I'm going to present to you my five favorite and most importantly FREE editing websites. 

5.  OWL
    OWL saved my life in school and even more so now that I'm a writer! WOO! Or should I say hoo... Hehehe... Oh.

   It has a ton of resources to look at. Including the following:
  • Writing and Teaching Writing
  • Research
  • Grammar and Mechanics
  • Style Guides
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Job Search and Professional Writing
   I've always and will continue to struggle with grammar and the 'rules' of writing. OWL's website has put these 'rules' into perspective in an easy to understand manner. This included proper sentence structure and active and passive voice. The whole site is basically a free English/Literature class that's available 24/7 and you don't have to interact with anyone! 

             4. WordCounter
Wanted to show off the website, also wanted to keep my project secret, why not both?
                 I don't know how I discovered this website but THANK GOD I DID!

                It lets you copy and paste your doc into its box and will automatically tell you how many words and characters you're using in different types of print. It will also let you use grammar and spell check and create goals and shows how active you've been. My favorite detail is what Reading Level the text is at and the Reading and Speaking times always fascinate me. Overall a terrific website that helps you edit your word count.

                3.  Tip of My Tongue
                     An amazing wording finding resource that I discovered thanks to the writeblr community on Tumblr. When I write my first draft I use extremely basic vocabulary so that I can get through the draft with more ease. Then when a few months rolls and around and I open up my draft I've found that I used the same three words to describe everything thing 😱
                   If you're like me have no fear! Tip of My Tongue's got you covered!

                    You can find a plethora of different words in a variety of ways that suit you the writer. I personally use Word Meaning the most and it always comes up with the word I'm looking for. I deem this an absolute must-have website when you're in your editing phase. 

                  2. Grammarly 
                     So I saw their ad on TV. It worked. I downloaded the extension for Chrome and I've had it ever since. You can also download it for Microsoft Word as well.

                     Honestly, it's helped me notice my common spelling errors. Also signified how much I don't know about grammar. (Once again!) The only downfall is that it will give you suggestions that are wrong sometimes so you have to be the one to call if you want that option or not. It's up to you. Also, it's a stupid App. Don't let it rule your life. Just becasue it's highlighting everything doesn't mean you're a poor writer just breath and keep writing!

                      1. Hemingway App
                         I think years ago I heard about this website but I put it out of my mind for some reason. Anyways I recently discovered it this past month while editing my novel Buzzcut Season and OH! MY!GOD!

                    Y'all, know I'm wordy. Y'all know I can go on for days! But then I discovered this website and it's gotten me to shut up just a little! Hemingway breaks down your writing and makes it simpler. Now I don't agree with the man Hemingway in never using adverbs. I say use all the adverbs all the time! Or not. It's up to you and your style. But this website does have an adverb counter. A simpler alternative option. Also a passive and active voice, which is so helpful for me! Again, grammar. 
                 These next two have absolutely saved my life! A _____ sentence is hard to read and a _____ sentence is extremely hard to read option. They really make you look back at your writing and think, 'Yeah I can word that differently.' It's somewhat like having a grammatical beta reader just minus the plot and character advice!

             Around the web, there are plenty of resources for varying your vocabulary. On my Tumblr, I have started the tags Vocabulary and Word Choices, if you'd like to check them out for some inspiration or help. And remember that the writing community is here for you! There is someone always active on Twitter and Tumblr, including me.

            Best of luck in all your writing endeavors!
            *I am not affiliated with any of these websites they are just the ones I like and have used personally.

             Until Next Time,



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    1. The Hemingway editor on its own will not help your work rank in Google.I’ve used Hemingway and Yoast for awhile but my work is still not ranking. I’ve been experimenting with INK because it is supposed to gives suggestions for ranking as well as writing by comparing my article in progress to similar pieces online


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