My Video Looks: 60's Glam!

           Context: I posted these two videos recently!


            Just like in my previous Video Looks I decided to make a post on where to get all the products that I used within the video just in case any of you were interested. All of the products used are very affordable and easy to use for those of us with no money and minimal beauty skills 😄.

Make-up Inspiration

Try it out!
Try it out!
Literally any Twiggy photo ever as well. 

Eye Shadow Primer: Hard Candy
  Amazon ($22.10+)
 Walmart ($6.05 online, $5.00 in store)
    It stays on and makes your eyeshadow pop out immensely. You don't need to have a lot to do so. Just a little dab and bada-boom! You're set for both day and night. 


 Eye ShadowAlmay & Maybelline 
Walmart ($15.98), Amazon (~$19.99)
     I've had just about every shade of these that's come out since they dropped the line in stores. They're so easy to use and so handy to have when you're traveling and don't want to bring big and/or messy palette with you. Also, they're just nice and have that semi-metallic look to them.
      PS. They're cheaper in-store.

        First of all, I'm stunned that they still make this pallet. I bought mine back in 2012/2013 so...Wow. Anyway very easy to use and beautiful shades alone and when used together. If you've got green or hazel-green eyes it makes them pop out so much! Highly recommend.

Eyeliners: L'oreal
L'oreal ($8.99)

Maybelline ($7.99)
           As someone who primarily uses eyeliner as their go-to make-up a good eyeliner that I can take with me and use anywhere is a MUST. So I've had a plethora of eyeliner pencils, gels, liquids, and the likes. This one and the Skinny one from Maybelline which is now my all-time favorite eyeliner I've ever had. 

Mascara: L'oreal

L'oreal ($7.29), Amazon ($4.74), Walmart ($5.84-$6.97)

       For someone with long lashes, this girl will save your life. Also, she'll make you cute while doing so, so hey-hey. Win-win. In seriousness though, a good mascara for really cheap but doesn't feel like it.

Eyelashes & Adhesive: Kiss
Ulta ($5.99)
Ulta ($3.99)
        Kiss has a wonderful collection of affordable and durable lashes. I've used them for years and I've never had a bad experience. Which is saying something as a contact wearer. Their glue works all day but comes off easily at the end of the day, which is exactly what I'm looking for in my fake lashes.

Hair Inspiration
Try it out!

Try it out!
The higher the hair the better the look is the motto of the 60's so I kinda had to try it.

I've posted these almost everywhere
 I don't even care
This look is EVERYTHING

        I hope you enjoyed the video and that you maybe found this list helpful. If you want me to try any more tutorials let me know in the comments below. Including any other historical era 😊.


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