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           Recently I did an Iron Man review in which I decided to dress up in my best attempt at a 70's rockstar. This included the hair and makeup of this era. Besides being inspired by the music of the movie I was also inspired by once again, Pinterest.

Hair Inspiration
Priscilla Presley's Wedding Day Look

2nd 70s Make-up Look

For my tutorial:

Eye Shadow Primer:
Rimmel London
All Cosmetics Wholesale  ($3.99)
        I've used this primer for a while now although I've been favoring Rimmel's in my other reviews. It seemed to work well for this look!

Target ($3.69) Walmart ($4.97)

         NYX HD 
          I recently bought this and it was one of my first times using it and so far I like it much more than the Revlon concealer I had been using in my previous Video Looks.

BB Cream: Maybelline
Walmart ($6.50), Maybelline
 ($8.99), Amazon (~$6.69)
           I haven't worn 'real' foundation in years thanks to this stuff. It never feels like it's caked on or that you're melting out of it. Which is good for me considering I always have a fever (Whaddup autoimmune disorder I see you!). Not only that but I never have to worry about my face getting burnt when I'm out in the sun, so cheers for that! Also, it hides my gross skin from the world so, you're welcome guys.

Eyeliner: Maybelline Curvitude
Target ($5.59)
             Another item that I recently purchased that is quickly becoming one of my favorites! It doesn't smudge! Which is a necessity for someone who is constantly running fevers. Also, the waterproof one stays on all day.

Intense Ink Eyeliner
E.L.F ($4.00)
          Love this for its thick base which was very much needed to acquire the finish results for this look. The thicker width of the pencil does take time for adjusting if you're used to thinner products like Curvitude above but other than that very easy and simple to use!

E.L.F. ($4.00)

Shimmering Gold Eyeliner
         Had to apply many layers for the gold of this eyeliner to pop but other than that when it is on and visible it is very glittery and beautiful.

Salon Perfect
Brow Kit
$39.99?? Why???

        Everywhere I looked online for this product it ended up being $30 and up! Which was not the case when I bought mine it was between $5-$13 at the most. Outside of that I usually use the light brown and dark brown for my regular eyebrow shade but I finally had a chance to use the black shade for this look and as always the color was natural yet defined. I'm sure if you find this at Walgreens or Rite-Aid it would be more affordable.

Bonaza ($7.11)
Highlighter and Bronzer: Hard Candy
           I'll admit that my own is very old and I should throw it out, however that doesn't mean that it doesn't work still. Which It does! One of my favorite bronzer and highlighters I've been able to try.

Powder: NYC
Mercari ($5.00)
          Again I should probably throw my own out and get a new one considering how old mine is but none the less the powder still works. It doesn't take much to cover or set your whole face and it quite clearly lasts a long time.

Revlon ($7.49)
HD Lip Laquer
Smoky Quartz
           My new favorite lip product! I recently bought this and have used it pretty much anytime I go out now. I only wish it'd stay on longer.

e.l.f Matte Lipcolor (Rich Red)
e.l.f ($3.00)
           This is my all time favorite color in this line. Goes on seamlessly and always looks hella cute.

L'oreal ($7.29), Amazon ($4.74), 
Walmart ($5.84-$6.97)

       For someone with long lashes, this girl will save your life. Also, she'll make you cute while doing so, so hey-hey. Win-win. In seriousness though, a good mascara for really cheap but doesn't feel like it.

The Final Look!

          I had so much fun doing this look and later doing the photoshoot. It was triple digits that day and smoky outside (because why would Idaho be anything other than a smoky inferno?). I hope you enjoyed the video or found this list of products helpful in finding an affordable way to become the glamorous 70's rock goddess that you always wanted to be.
          Until Next Time!


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