New Year, New Blog

January 01, 2018

Happy New Year Everybody!

        I did so much in 2017, from graduating to putting little details of my life together, to having family reunions in flood areas, to finishing my first two books, to querying my first agents, to ripping apart my first book to rewrite it entirely. Phew! It's exhausting!

       2018 will be the year I'm going to try everything I can. I'm going to propel myself forward. I'm going to write every day (not that I wasn't already), I'm going to write 3-4 books this year. (I already have them planned out, and some halfway done), I'm going to read 12-14 books this year, I'm going to make a Youtube video at least every week (on most likely), and I'm going to update this blog on a weekly basis as well. 

        I feel like for too long I've been putting myself in a corner due to my illness or my self-doubt and the inadequacies that come with both of those. 2018 I'm not going to do that to play myself that way anymore. I'm stepping up to the plate and I'm not going to let my fears keep me from playing. So I hope that along this journey I can find more people like me and we can get to all our goals by 12-13-18 together

        Now to celebrate my declarations, I'm off to go watch The Last Jedi with my mom and brother! 😃

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