My Video Looks: The Last Jedi Review!

     Context: I posted this video recently!

        Having done that I thought I should make a post about where to buy the products I used in the video if you were interested 😃. This is for all of you who can't afford to buy the big name brands or are looking for cheaper options!

            Eye Shadow Primer: Hard Candy
  Amazon ($22.10+)
 Walmart ($6.05 online, $5.00 in store)
    It stays on and makes your eyeshadow pop out immensely. You don't need to have a lot to do so. Just a little dab and bada-boom! Your set for the day/night.


Concealer: Revlon Colorstay
 BuyMeBeauty ($7.99), Amazon ($9.97), Walgreens ($11.99), Walmart ($12.70)

        I've used Revlon's Colorstay concealer for two-ish years now. If you have problematic skin or under eye bags, this is the concealer for you.

            Maybelline Stick
Maybelline ($5.82), Amazon ($5.53), Walgreens ($5.99), Walmart (~$5.46)
           If you're looking for more of a matte touch that really hides you're problem areas or just need a concealer to throw into your purse on a rainy day (let's be real, that's every day) then your girl Maybelline's got you covered.

            Eye Shadow: Almay
Walmart ($15.98), Amazon (~$19.99)
     I've had just about every shade of these that's come out since they dropped the line in stores. They're so easy to use and so handy to have when you're traveling and don't want to bring big and/or messy palette with you. Also, they're just nice and have that semi-metallic look to them.
      PS. They're cheaper in-store.
      PPS. I still don't know the name of the palette my mother got me that I used in the video. So sorry ☹

Gel Eyeliner: Rimmel  
Walmart ($5. 47), Amazon, (~$5.47),

          I've used a variety of eyeliners over the years and I always keep coming back to the gels. They just stay on longer and don't smudge as much or make you feel like your eyes are caked on like the liquids do.

Eyebrow Kit: Salon Perfect
Walmart ($8.07), Amazon ($4.75)

             I've had this kit for longer than I probably should but it lasts a very long time and works well for me. Though I have used pencils with this to really define the brow this is more of a highlighter/filler, at least for me.

                        BB Cream: Maybelline
Walmart ($6.50), Maybelline ($8.99), Amazon (~$6.69)
           I haven't worn 'real' foundation in years thanks to this stuff. It never feels like it's caked on or that you're melting out of it. Which is good for me considering I always have a fever (Whaddup autoimmune disorder I see you!). Not only that but I never have to worry about my face getting burnt when I'm out in the sun, so cheers for that! Also, it hides my gross skin from the world so, you're welcome guys.

            Lip Crayon: Ulta Shimmer & Shine
            Not available anymore.

            Mascara: L'oreal

L'oreal ($7.29), Amazon ($4.74), Walmart ($5.84-$6.97)

       For someone with long lashes, this girl will save your life. Also, she'll make you cute while doing so, so hey-hey. Win-win. In seriousness though, a good mascara for really cheap but doesn't feel like it.

      I hope you enjoyed the video and this list! If you want me to do any more of these tutorials let me know down in the comments below. 
         I'm also thinking of doing historical make-up series so let me know an era you'd like me to try :)


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